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About Me

Headshot image of Rhys Thomas Headshot image of Rhys Thomas wearing sunglasses
Rhys Thomas UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer

I'm a UI/UX designer & front end developer based in Long Island, NY. I grew up in England and graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Sheffield in 2017, before moving to the US in 2018.

I started my career as a project manager for a web implementation team, but I instead found myself fascinated by the project work itself, so I began researching, learning, and developing my passion.

Skills & Experience

UI/UX Design

I create clean, functional interfaces using Sketch and Figma. I then construct prototypes using Figma or InVision.


Experience: 4+ years


Experience: 4+ years


Experience: 2-3 years

Front End Development

I build responsive web applications using HTML, SASS, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript, along with a number of other frameworks.


Experience: 4+ years

Twig / Liquid

Experience: 4+ years


Experience: 4+ years


Experience: 4+ years


Experience: 4+ years


Experience: 2-3 years


Experience: 2-3 years


Experience: 2-3 years

Accessibility (WCAG)

Experience: 2-3 years


Experience: Learning

Back End Development

I have experience using PHP and MySQL to integrate back-end functionality with my front end work.


Experience: 2-3 years


Experience: 2-3 years

Other Skills

I also make use of a number of other skills and tools on a daily basis, as part of my development process.


Experience: 4+ years


Experience: 4+ years

My Work

Voice over website mock-up

Voice Over Personal Website

A personal website with a range of content and UI elements, including downloadable demo reels, responsive navigation and a PHP/AJAX driven contact form.

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Virtual classes pape mock-up

Virtual Classes System

A desktop and web interface that allows customers to view, manage and access their registered virtual classes. Includes a calendar page with live filtering, and a database driven system that incorporates teacher notes, zoom integration and our attendance system.

Class Filtering System

A dynamically generated live filtering system for customers to find classes that suit their needs. HTML is rendered using pure JavaScript/jQuery, and updated using AJAX, PHP and MySQL.

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Account management mock-up

Account Management System

A custom built CRM system, with a wide range of functionality and features for staff to successfully manage customers. Live filtering and live searching using JavaScript and AJAX, with dynamically built HTML and page content. Considerable database work to tie in customer data.

Program page mock-up

Camp Program Pages

Complete redesign and rebuild of our camp program pages, including a back-end CMS system that enables dynamic content generation. All page content is database driven, and each UI element is generated from a base template for maximum reuse and scalability.

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Login page mock-up

Log In & Sign Up Page

Redesign and rebuild of an outdated log in and sign up system, with a particular focus on mobile usability.

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Staff application mock-up

Staff Application

Front and back end build of a new staff application system, including error handling and data validation for a number of different input types. Emphasis on modular programming, to create a system that could be used on a number of different applications going forward.